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July 4, 2015

Van Gundy: SKILLS over GAMES

Van Gundy:  SKILLS over GAMES

Watch this two-minute clip of Stan Van Gundy telling the truth that has been lost on the NYC youth and high school hoops community for about 20 years.  This is what we do best – skills, IQ, development – the best interest of the players always trumps winning in our program.  Our first class became standout players in grades 8/9 – best players on their varsity teams – while several other kids were the strongest players on JV.  Success stories to be posted this year as we follow the development of our players on and off the court.

Stan Van Gundy – The Problem with Youth Basketball in the USA

“We are failing pretty badly in this country as a whole in teaching basketball skills.”

“We are not developing skills here.  We are much more interested in playing games and winning and losing at a young, young, young age than we are in skill development.”

“You (youth coaches) have to make a decision if you want to teach the kids that you are coaching how to play basketball or if you just want to win games.”

In speaking about a tournament where he’s watched his children play (ages 9-12):  “Of the probably 18 teams, there were maybe 2-3 coaches who were really trying to teach skills.”

“You have a decision to make. Do you want to help build basketball players or do you want to just tell everyone that you just won the youth league?”