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November 12, 2014

VIDEO: Team Defensive Series by Mo’ Motion

VIDEO:  Team Defensive Series by Mo’ Motion

Our customized Team Defensive Series runs through the most basic principals and terms for players and coaches from Grades 5-6 and up. The crux of our defense lies in the group mentality of steering players out of the middle (and locking down our house) with proper footwork, hands and communication.  We’ve included this curriculum in the grades 4-6 program, but with the realistic goal of expecting the kids to understand Videos #1-#4 by Grade 6.  This includes Transition D, Defense is Attitude, On-the-Ball D, Help D and possibly #5:  Beat the Cut (Play the Cut, not the Cutter).  It is often difficult for kids in this age group to bump cutters, play post D, and to always remember to box, board and go.  Create drills to suit your age/grade range and ability. In-the-Alley and Close-Out Drills are excellent for all ages.  A shell drill into a box out or creating confusion in a shell drill that builds habit of playing box out and weak side board will introduce and reinforce basic concepts that can be developed with increased cognition and multi-tasking in Grades 7-12.