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June 1, 2021

We LOVE NYC 3vs3 Tournament at Riverside Park on JUNE 12 (13th as backup)

We LOVE NYC 3vs3 Tournament at Riverside Park on JUNE 12 (13th as backup)

Let’s celebrate the endurance and perseverance of our city!

WHEN: JUNE 12 (June 13 as backup+ bonus games/events)

WHAT: 3v3 Tourney at W76th Riverside Park

WHO/WHEN: Grades 4-5 9am-10:30, Grades 5-7 10:30-12pm, grades 8-10 at 12pm-1:30pm – Note we may tighten up these times or adjust them slightly depending on the ages/grades and numbers of teams in the Gr 7-10 division and girls/boys TBD.  We’ll be done by 2pm latest unless a large number of high school kids sign up.  Then we’ll go to 3pm.

 Shooting games, contests and prizes
*Free to all Mo’ Motion Spring Participants
*Fee is $20 per participant – four players per team max.  If a player gets injured and you have only three players, you must play with 2 unless the other team grants you an exception.

Steps to registering:

    1. Make sure you sign our COVID WAIVER if you have not already.

[button link= ” text=”SIGN WAIVER”]

  1. Fill out the form below with your dates and child info.  Parents can sign up the entire team in one form by adding players, but we do need every participant to sign the waiver in order to participate in the tournament.
  2. Write your child’s name and 3vs3 on the line item when you pay via:
    Venmo – @momotion (skip the friend/4-digit phone # step and it will work).
    Zelle – for Mo’ Motion Inc
    PayPal –