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February 19, 2016

Well-Rounded & Grounded Always Wins

Well-Rounded & Grounded Always Wins

FIRE UP FRIDAY – I’m fired up after reading this article on Vonn Miller, entitled, “Nerd.” The images published by the Players Tribune are always the best in the business, thanks to Maureen Cavanagh, the chief digital editor at Derek Jeter’s publication. Look at this shot of Vonn Miller’s famed strip that caused the fumble that sealed the game [photo credit: Richard Mackson, USA Today]. This image depicts a human being who will never let up, someone who will give it every ounce of might he has in him, even when he’s falling down under the force of a powerful human being and gravity.

I’m fired up to see that Dani Bohart’s mom snapped this beautiful photo of her three girls after or before a hoops game where their big sis is playing on varsity. Dani took the fall off to focus on fine-tuning her hoops skills while getting her academics in top form for the winter season. And it paid off in a big way.


Even though Dani’s team is young and lacks experience, Dani played significant minutes as a freshman on varsity along with Olivia, Phoebe, Livi, Jamie and Maddy – all Mo’ Motioners. What was most impressive about Dani this season is that she just played beyond her years in her ability to nod her head and keep plugging away as an underdog who gave everything she could to a demanding coach who expected her to perform head-to-head with players 3-4 years older. Dani rose to the challenge every game. There’s no greater example of best effort than one coming from a family member.


I’m fired up to see this photo of Janneke Evans in the paper after she dominated the end of a recent game. Her dominance is long overdue. Janneke’s been putting in her time with Mo’ Motion and training regularly on her own since grade 6. Janneke, now grade 10, is taking a full academic load including Mandarin, at Andover while playing volleyball, basketball and crew.


I’m fired up after running into an old friend named Jimmy Burke, who helped with my short film Money Game. Jimmy, a life-time hooper, is producing a Broadway play while still acting, training clients and taking meetings to see his producer dreams come true. We made plans to connect again with his circle of friends and contacts who love the game of hoops and filmmaking.


There’s a lot to be said about mastering one’s craft instead of being the Jack-of-All Trades. Plenty of successful entrepreneurs believe that by putting all your effort toward one thing you do best yields the most substantive financial reward. Yet one’s ability to be a strong and serious student, a passionate entrepreneur, a committed athlete and proud family member is what motivates us all to keep plugging away no matter what we are up to. If Von Miller can fall in love with academic interests and be a great football player, then so can I. The monotony of wearing only one hat, doing only one thing, or only being viewed as a one-dimensional athlete or person gets old fast. What motivates is when we see the versatility of others who love to stay challenged, balanced, well-rounded and grounded in their pursuit of excellence and happiness.