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July 28, 2015

What is Motion X?

What is Motion X?

Mo’ Motion X is an invite-only program that is the highest level of the following team/league play options:

•  Motion TEAM PLAY – Grades K-3 – Scrimmage and games held within the sessions (or close)

•  Motion LEAGUE PLAY – Grades 4-10 – Training and scrimmages plus LOCAL travel to and from games

•  Motion X (INVITE-only) – Grades 4-10 – Invite-only after trial period each season.

Why Motion X?  Almost all competitive basketball programs in NYC have similar division of levels of play. The difference between our program and most other programs is that we reward heart, effort and attendance over talent and winning records. We are fully vested in developing ALL PLAYERS – not just the strongest. This means that we don’t go out and find part-timer players or half-time players who are playing for other strong AAU teams and use them to improve our team’s record. We reward hard work, effort, attendance and positive attitudes even if it means passing on talented part-time players who can help us with putting more points on the scoreboard. Our program is designed to promote players as they develop, and not mark advanced ones early as “gifted and talented” only to watch them be passed by players in grades 6 and up who are often bigger, faster and stronger. The stronger and more skilled our players become, the more we work on finding them the next level fit, assuming they want the next level of A, B or C level high school AAU. Until that time, we give our best effort to all players – Team Play, League Play and/or X – by teaching with a tremendous amount of emphasis on full-player development, which includes skill work, shot form, conditioning, strength training, mental toughness and IQ.

Motion Team Play – Grades K-3

In our grades K-3 division, we emphasize skills, drills and fundamentals with in-house scrimmage time in the fall, spring and June camps.  In the winter (true hoops season), we end each session with a division of teams and play within the day/time of each workout (or close).  If we invite in outside teams (no travel on our end), then we may extend a session or include our guests in Olympics/skills events.  Each year ends with a Mo’ Motion Olympics event – individual and team play included.

Motion League Play – Grades 4-10

Includes optional but encouraged fall workouts in September and October.  League practices begin in early November and run through the end of December. Players are assigned to a team based on friend requests, conflicts, location and skill level. In effort to attract kids who are going to a) attend regularly and b) give best effort is important for all players new to Mo’ Motion that we see the kids in the fall (individual) workouts at some point – even if it’s just a few times around fall commitments. This also gives us a good idea on how to construct teams and where these teams fit into our league divisions.  More advanced and serious players can be asked to move into our Motion X program (see below).

If you have a consistent conflict please let us know by Oct 1st. Games are scheduled January – mid March. We try to keep the Jan-March schedule as similar to the Sept – Dec schedule as possible but be prepared for slight alterations during the season due to unpredictable moving pieces. We make an extra effort to create competitive match ups all season so midseason amendments are possible. We play in the Gotham Basketball League. Gym locations are in manhattan on the upper east and upper west side.

Motion X Players – Grades 4-10 (Invite-Only)

Motion coaches choose Motion X players based on their year-round performance and commitment, steady improvement, effort, attitude and commitment. Part of the Motion X program will include additional gym time and games as well as very strong competition that is not always a great experience for parents who rank winning high on their lists (the kids don’t mind it much as long as the stiff competition is served in the right doses). Motion X Players and Parents are expected to put in extra time and extra effort by showing up to as many practices and events as possible. We also expect to see them year-round, even if it’s around baseball or lacrosse or soccer. Non-X players can be moved up into the X program. Typically Non-X players are juggling a few sports and even though they are not in the X program, many are still training for JV and varsity positions.

Parents must keep in mind that we know kids are on school teams usually between grades 7-12.  X teams take this into consideration and fill in around school team demands.  Any questions, please call the office at 917-675-7623.

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