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June 11, 2020

Ways to Test WiFi Connection

Ways to Test WiFi Connection

Ways to Test WiFi Connection


I have tested the Airport Utility app listed below in my own home and found it to be helpful/accurate.  The further away from the modem the worse the connection and inability to stream/video conference.  It is more about finding the best connection in order to be able to maximize the virtual workouts.

Quoted from the website above:

The first thing to know is measurements of dBm will display in negative numbers. The scale runs from -30 to -90. If you see -30, you have a “perfect connection,” and likely, are standing next to the Wi-Fi router. However, if you spot a Wi-Fi signal listed at -90, the service is so weak you probably can’t connect to that network. An excellent connection is -50 dBm, while -60 dBm is likely good enough to stream, handle voice calls, and anything else.

To measure Wi-Fi signal strength on your phone or tablet, you can use the Airport Utility App for iPhone and iPad, or Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android. Both are easy to use and show results for any wireless networks in your area.

For iPhone users, the Airport Utility App does require you to go into your device settings and turn on the Wi-Fi scanner. Just go to your iPhone or iPad settings (not the app’s settings), tap Airport Utility in the list of settings, and then toggle Wi-Fi Scanner. Now, go back to the Airport Utility app and start a scan. You’ll see dBm measurements expressed as RSSI.

For Android users, Wi-Fi Analyzer is a step easier. Open the app and look for the networks found. Each entry will list strength as dBm.

Android Wi-Fi analyzer and iOS Airport Utilities showing Wi-Fi signal strength


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