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September 3, 2012

Zach: Shot-Check & Notes

After analyzing still photos and video of players grades 4-9 shooting a basketball, Mo’ Motion Staff started with a few informal shot-checks and report cards.  Zach’s ran five pages; others are simple before & after photos and updates of jumpshots-in-progress. Coaches often become like nagging parents when they repeat things like, “You’re not using your legs” or “Elbow in, please” for the 107th time.  We shoot images of the kids and they look at us and say, “Oh, I’m not using my legs” and “I can’t believe how much my elbow is out.”  Motion coaches are going to be given a list of remedy drills to trouble shoot the most common shooting mistakes grades 4-9.

They’ll also be looking at Zach’s extensive write-up and we’ll be documenting his progress this season.